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Training Programme

Our Team Building Adventures actively engage participants, sparking creative energy, fostering innovation and building camaraderie. Teams can accelerate their growth by combining one of these Team Building Adventures with one of our training workshops. Our Team Building Adventures can be customized to fit your groups needs, whether you're looking for a light- hearted team building program or a meaningful team development experience.

We believe in Outdoor Training Modules for a simple reason that people enjoy it and when you add learning to it then it stays forever.

The impact of such training is immediate in an organization. Our programs and outdoor training patterns are designed to give a lift to the caliber that already exists in an individual; we make them more aware of it and how they can use them in a team.

Our training format is flexible and tailor-made to suit your needs.

Important areas of management skills we emphasize in an organization are :

  • Team Building.
  • Team Working.
  • Interpersonal Communication.
  • Group Interaction.
  • Leadership.

Some modules we offer are :

  • Change Management.
  • Motivation.
  • Creativity.
  • Body language.
  • Assertiveness.
  • Decision-making.
  • Customer service.

We’ve done a number of such programs and have come out to be a success in this field. Our experience is our asset and we share it with everyone interested. Here we believe in “Wisdom that comes from learning” and learning in Milestones is filled with fun and games.

We believe that the best of an individual can be seen at the outdoors, the real individual personality and with our unique “Outdoor Management Development Program” we enhance the level of performance of an individual and personnel of your organization.

Top of Form

• Rush Hour :

A team motivation exercise involves overcoming own fear and team spirit, team motivation and self-motivation.

The only difference is we do it from a 20-25 meter suspension bridge.

(Note: Safety is our first priority and we have to follow strict instruction from the instructor, this is one of our very popular exercises).

• Blind Faith :

A trust building exercise which creates a trust and bonding among the participants.

• Barrels and Planks :

A situation which demands “Planning and Execution”. An absolute team exercise with leadership and team motivation as a prime focus.

• Path Finder :

Planning, Team game, Strategy, Leadership and Motivation is required for finding your way through the forest, village and streams. A target will be given to each team and a limited time to complete the exercise.

• Spider’s Web :

Given a pressure situation, teams will have to complete a certain task on the backdrop of Amazon and its treacherous forest and big spiders.

• Rhythm Divine :

This one is fun, energizing event which has everyone shaking their bodies to the “Rhythm Divine” in the end. Different teams will be given different beats to practice at different locations, a group of three or more. At the end a sound of music played together by all teams.

• Sand Castle War :

It relies on creativity, resourcefulness and strategy. After finding the natural supplies building materials each team will make castles of their own. The challenge is to make a strong castle. A war breaks out among the tribes (teams), lets see which castle survives the wrath.

• Ice Breakers :

We will break the departmental barriers of an organization in an “Outdoor Style”. A fun filled game.

• Flag Finding :

An outdoor game that demands good co-ordination, communication and work allocation, planning and dynamism in a team.